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Work Life Balance is a Priority at Obsidian

One of the key things we are trying to improve upon to set us apart from our competitors is to create a work environment that provides "Work Life Balance", and a positive work environment.  We believe that our greatest resource is our team.  To prove it, we've won awards from the Surrey Board of Trade, and been featured in an article in Business in Vancouver (check out the attached PDFs).

Strata Managers routinely face:

  • Extended work days (8 to 5, plus 2 hour evening council meetings)
  • Lack of Office Support
  • Large (unmanageable) Portfolios
  • Salaries that do not reflect work load
  • 24/7 Emergency On-Call
  • Confronted with Difficult People Daily

All the above create a negative work environment, and leaves little room for family, friends, and personal endeavors.  This tends to cause high turn-over/burn-out in strata management staff; impacting the employee, the clients, and the company.

To improve this, we provide:

  • Flexible hours, and options to telecommute
  • Each manager shares a licensed Strata Co-Manager with one other Strata Manager; forming management teams of three people
  • Each manager is limited to eight clients or a thousand units, whichever comes first
    • Note: that is two council meetings a week or less.
  • Commission based salary, so that pay is a directly correlated to portfolio size
  • After Hours Call Center screens the calls, and backup teammates make sure you are covered when you are unavailable now and then
  • We cannot solve the problem of difficult people, they happen... however, we have supportive management that is willing to stand behind our team.

If you are interested in joining our team, please checkout our current postings.