Why Work at Obsidian Property Management?

One of the key things we are trying to improve upon to set us apart from our competitors is to create a work environment that provides "Work Life Balance", and a positive work environment. We believe that our greatest resource is our team.

To prove it, we've won awards from the Surrey Board of Trade, and been featured in an article in Business in Vancouver.  Read the articles below: 

Surrey Board of Trade Child and Family Friendly Workplace Award

Featured Article from Business in Vancouver

Flexible Work Hours – Work/Life Balance

Life happens and no matter how hard we try it will impact our work. Obsidian allows its employees to adjust their work schedules to compensate for life. Provided they meet their benchmarks and fulfill their obligations of time/service to our clients, we allow them to set their hours.

Zero Tolerance on Abuse

Obsidian has a Zero Tolerance Policy on abuse towards our employees from anyone in any form. We understand that Strata in general can be frustrating to Council, Owners, Tenants, or other involved parties. However, there is never any excuse for abusive rude behaviour. We are professionals and will conduct ourselves as such. We only expect those interacting with us do the same.

Abuse of our employees may result in us limiting or ceasing contact with the abusive party. This is at Obsidian’s discretion.

We require the Strata Council to support our efforts to ensure a safe work environment for our employees from anyone associated or doing business with your Strata Corporation.

Child/Pet Friendly Office

Obsidian’s office is both Child and Pet friendly. Our staff can bring their children or pets to work should they choose. This allows them to continue to work in situations where normally their obligations as a parent or pet owner would have interfered. Although it can occasionally be a bit of a temporary distraction, it tends to have an overall positive effect in boosting morale and thus future productivity.

Fair Pay

Each year we adjust our salaries and hourly pay rate to adjust for inflation in BC and current average pay for each position. This is reflected in our Retainer Agreement as part of an escalation clause as many of our staff are on pure commission.

This ensures we can attract and retain qualified staff for each position and maintain our high standards of service.

If you are interested in joining our team, please check-out our current postings.