Strata Management – Property Management – Community Management

Managing Active Healthy Strata Communities in Surrey, BC and Metro Vancouver

The Role of a Property Manager

Our fundamental role as Property Managers is to assist the Strata Councils to perform their duties under the Strata Property Act of British Columbia. Traditionally this involves preparing financial statements, sourcing contractors, retaining strata records and providing meeting minutes. We believe it is time for our role as property managers to evolve from this basic duty, into property management that:

  • Actively engages the council with new ideas, and
  • Stands by councils during their difficult or daunting situations.

What We Believe as Surrey Strata Managers

We need well run stratas - now more than ever. The most recent statistics show that more than 70% of British Columbian families live in stratas. The impact the Strata Manager has affects the resale value of the unit/home and comfort of each of those families. Every owner, tenant, occupant, employee, and/or guest that lives or works in one of our clients’ stratas is somehow impacted by our performance. We ultimately operate through the strata council; however this does not shield us from how many people we are responsible for. This drives our continual improvement process personally and corporately to the goal of better serving our clients.

The legislated duty of the strata council is to manage and maintain the common property and common assets of the strata corporation for the benefit of the owners. However, this is the minimum required and it neglects the people. Stratas are made of owners who are people… and groups of people with common interest by definition are a community. We believe that Strata Management is about the community, and that community needs to be managed and cultivated. Complete community management builds active healthy communities, creating trust so the owners can move together towards their common goal.

As Strata Managers:

  • We believe that the role of a property manager is evolving from administrative support into a needed profession.
  • We believe that we can positively impact many people’s lives through proper management of their homes and businesses.
  • We believe that the most important factor to a well-run strata or multi-unit building is the community within it.

If you are interested in retaining us as your Property Manager, please send us a message.