Strata Management Services

Obsidian Property Management Ltd. recognizes that each strata is unique. Every strata is facing different challenges, constraints, and fluxes in needs and wants. So we developed a Modular Multi-Service offering for our services that takes this into account and allows the strata to set the budget and get the service they choose.

Unlike most of our competitors that base their pricing on the number of units/doors, we base our on the hours needed by each client specifically. We adjust, and are accountable for, the service to each building through a system of tracking and reporting our time spent working for each client.

By breaking out our service into Operational Services, Accounting Services, and Strata Management Service the pricing is more transparent for the clients as to the service they are receiving.

Further, the usual and unpredictable “nickel and diming” that occurs with most strata management agreements has been eliminated by offering a fixed cost monthly for Operational and Accounting Services. This will allow for more accurate budgeting each year for our clients.

We also guarantee that our strata manager’s portfolios will be reasonable in size. This allows them, and their team, to have an appropriate amount of time to provide service to each of their clients. Meaning that response times and completing action items should be done in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are interested in our services please Contact Us, and we will be happy to discuss your Strata Management Service needs and wants.