Operational Services

Every Strata Corporation is its own legal operating entity and registered business and like any other business, ;it requires administrative and operational services to function. Obsidian Property Management provides Operational Services to manage the inner workings of the Strata Corporation. By taking the bulk of the administrative responsibility away from the Strata Council, Obsidian enables the Strata Corporation to take advantage of shared office facilities and resources. Listed below are the major services and products provided as part of Obsidian’s Operational Services.

Communication Nexus

Legal Service Address

Our office will become the legal service address for the Strata Corporation. Any legal paperwork being served on the Strata Corporation will be delivered to our office. This creates a central physical location for owners, occupants, tenants, and vendors to send or drop off anything to the strata corporation without the Strata Council's direct daily involvement.


We create specific email addresses for the Strata Corporation. This allows us to maintain your correspondence records efficiently (within 2 business days).



Obsidian provides our main phoneline for anyone trying to contact the Strata Corporation or the Strata Manager. The phones are staffed during business hours with live administrators to assist callers if needed.


Obsidian maintains a fax line. Faxes are converted to PDF file format and emailed to our administrative team to direct to the appropriate team or department within the office.

Emergency Phone Line

An “Emergency” phone line is available 24 hours 7 days of every week. Usual response time is between fifteen minutes to an hour from the original call.

Web-conferencing and Teleconferencing

Obsidian can make web-conferencing or Teleconferencing available to the Strata Corporation for electronic meetings. This has become a very popular option for Strata Councils.

Record Retention

Electronic Storage

Obsidian keeps all records electronically on our file servers located within Canada to ensure the privacy and integrity of your records. By digitizing the records, we ensure they will always be available, in compliance with the Act for record maintenance and retention.

Scanning Historical Records

Any documents that the Strata Corporation has as paper copies will be digitized by our administrative staff and billed at an hourly rate. Each banker box of records takes approximately three (3) to four (4) hours scan. This is the only true “start-up/on-boarding” cost we charge.

Secure Disposal

To ensure private information is destroyed, Obsidian has a contract with Urban Impact to properly shred all of our wastepaper. 

On-line Order Processing

The systems we use deliver the information in convenient electronic packages to the requestor and keeps a permanent record of the transaction for a nominal fee to the requestor.

For Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Brokers, and Lawyers

Obsidian uses eStrata Hub’s on-line platform to process the requests from Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Brokers and Lawyers. This platform is the standard for Forms requests from Strata Corporations.

For Owners

For single, manual orders, owners and professionals can manually place a record request at the Obsidian office by filling out a form and placing a deposit.

Secure On-line Community Portal & App for iOS and Android

Our secure on-line portal is hosted by the same company that provides our property management and accounting software, Shiftsuite. This portal has several functions that can benefit your Strata Corporation.

Printing, Postage, and Stationary

No menu of extra sundry costs or fluctuating charges. All the printing, postage, and stationary that are usually charged on an extensive menu by our competitors are included with the Administrative Services fee you pay monthly.