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As time passes strata life is getting more and more complicated:

  • New depreciation report requirements and funding planning;
  • The provincial dispute resolution tribunal;
  • Changes to Form B, requiring more diligent record keeping;
  • Privacy and Human Rights matters becoming more prevalent and costly;
  • Restrictions by financial institutions on self-managed stratas; and
  • Increased awareness and misinterpretation of the Act by the average owner.

These requirements results in more of your time spent administering and running the day to day operation of the strata corporation.  This hinders your enjoyment of your property, and stops you from really focusing on the future of your strata corporation’s community.

Obsidian Property Management Ltd. in Surrey is a licensed strata property management brokerage serving the Lower Mainland of BC.  We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss how we might be able to help.  Our service levels range from complete facility/strata management to pay as you use.

We were founded on the belief that it is time that strata management changes to suit the methods and clients of today.  We have acknowledged that strata management is not only about the building but also the people and community that live and work within it.  As such, we provide services and evolve our systems with the people in mind.

If you got this far, there is obviously some interest, and it is free to call or e-mail us about:

  • General strata concerns or questions;
  • How we can possibly help;
  • That one challenging owner every building seems to have
  • Requesting a quote for service 

We hope to have the opportunity to be part of or help your strata community in some way.

Thank you for your consideration and time.