Strata Properties Benefit from Property Managers in Surrey BC

October 30th, 2013 in Strata Property Management
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The benefits of owning Strata property here in Surrey and the rest of BC are pretty obvious. You get the benefits of ownership with the benefits of shared expenses when it comes to upgrades and maintenance. For many people, Strata property ownership is more affordable and more attractive than buying a home. But it does mean that the property will need to be managed by someone, and sometimes that means extra work for everyone. The time spent making decisions about upgrades and maintenance of common areas is time that some people would rather delegate. Hiring a property manager to handle these responsibilities can be well worth the cost.

What Property Managers Can Do

There are different levels of property management when it comes to Strata properties. Basic strata management services include things like legal services, record-keeping, and a centre where all mail and calls from tenants or owners can be received. You’ll also have financial services, like monthly record-keeping, collection of fees, and tax services. The property manager will attend annual general meetings and planning meetings so they are aware of what the owners are working towards.

Beyond the basic services, you can also have more complete management services that include things like collections, monitoring and approval of expenses and invoices, and assistance with maintenance, contractors and employees. You can also rely on property managers to handle any insurance needs.

Depending on the needs of the Strata property, you may find that a more basic level of services is sufficient most of the time. In that case, you can always pay extra for additional services that you need from time to time. With a more complete package, you can depend on your property manager to handle everything. And with the right property management service, you’ll be able to tailor your services so they suit the needs of the Strata property owners.

Choosing a Property Management Service in Surrey, BC

Whether your Strata property is located in Surrey or in Vancouver proper, you’ll find that you have options when it comes to property management services. Select a company that provides management services specifically for Strata properties. The needs of Strata property owners are different from those of apartment building owners and it pays to find someone who is an expert. Choose based on flexibility, availability, and the appropriateness of the plans. You’ll find out very quickly whether or not the service is right for you.


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