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We believe that part of our duty, as strata managers, is to assist and educate the public on proper operation of strata corporations. The blog posts we write are driven by the questions and issues brought to us by our clients and the public.

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The benefits of owning Strata property here in Surrey and the rest of BC are pretty obvious. You get the benefits of ownership with the benefits of shared expenses when it comes to upgrades and maintenance.
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Winter is Coming! Are You Ready?
September 26th, 2013
We are pretty lucky as Strata Property Managers in Surrey and Metro Vancouver to not have harsh winters; due to our micro climate as a result of our proximity to the ocean. However, winter still comes even if only for a few days a year.
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In October of 2009 the provincial government passed many changes to the Strata Property Act of BC that all had different implementation periods. Some have been highly advertised, such as Depreciation Reports.
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