Benefits of Using Obsidian's Strata Management Services

Regulated Real-Estate Professional

Obsidian is a licensed brokerage. Your assigned managing broker and strata manager are licensed and strictly regulated by the Real Estate Council of BC, (RECBC) .

Insured Professional

Obsidian is fully insured. In the event this insurance is enacted we have the following insurance coverages:

  • 1 million dollars of professional insurance ($1,000,000.00) +
  • Up to 3 million dollars ($3,000,000.00) in excess E&O insurance. +
  • 5 million dollars ($5,000,000.00) of General Commercial Liability.

Licensed Professional Advice

Each of our licensees are licensed real estate professionals in BC. Every two years each licensee must be relicensed.

Other Training

Our staff is encouraged to expand their knowledge in Strata Operations by attending a variety of seminars put on by multiple organizations including:

Professional Association of Managing Agents (“PAMA”)

Promotes professional and ethical residential property management. PAMA allows us to remain current with the best practices for strata management and strata operations on a professional level.

Condominium Home Owners Association of BC (“CHOA”)

The CHOA provides advisory services, education, resources, and support for their members. Our licensees and staff attend CHOA seminars to stay current and refresh our understanding of Strata Corporation’s operations.

Not Just a Strata Manager but a Group of Professionals

You will be assigned a Strata Manager that acts as your main contact, as well as an entire team of professionals to assist with the operation and governance of your property. This team includes a managing broker, assigned strata manager, co-manager and back up manager.

Guaranteed Attention to Your Strata

We have devised a system where our strata managers are not overloaded and have the appropriate time to focus on each client. We report our time very month so you can see what we have done for the Strata Corporation. A guaranteed amount of retained time is set aside each month for your strata. After the budget for the month expires we will ask for the strata council to authorize overtime.

General Assistants and Consultation

Our Strata Managers are highly trained professionals with access to extensive to assist them. After the basic monthly administration is completed, it is up to you what we focus the time we have.