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Management Services

Basic Strata Management

This is a client directed program offered by Obsidian Property Management.  This strata management service provides that the minimum requirements are met, with flexibility to incur additional charges as council deems necessary. As Surrey Property Managers, we work with communities in the Fraser Valley area and Metro Vancouver. The Basic Strata Management package includes:

Retained as agent

  • Obsidian’s Office as Legal Service Address
  • Centralized reception for mail and phone calls from owners/occupants/tenants
  • Completion of Legal Forms by Licensed Manager
  • Retention of Records and Fulfilling Requests for Records by Realtors and Conveyors

Financial Management

  • Maintaining Trust Accounts
  • Production of Monthly Financials
  • Collection of Strata Fees and Levies
  • Production of Checks for Signature by Council
  • Tracking and Submission of Necessary Tax Forms and Remittances
  • Payroll for Employees

Annual General Meeting (“AGM”)

  • Includes 2 meetings an AGM Planning Meeting and the AGM
  • Preparation of a Proposed Annual Budget for Council Approval
  • Creation of Minutes of the Meeting for Council Approval
  • Assistance and preparation of Notice of AGM

As Required Services: (additional incurred cost over and above monthly fee)

  • Printing, Postage, and Stationary:  Distribution of Correspondence, Notices and Minutes
  • Additional council meetings
  • Preparation of Notice and Attendance at a Special General Meetings
  • Managing Collection of Delinquent Accounts
  • Creation of Notice of Complaint and Bylaw Enforcement Letters
  • Access to our Online Building Portal
  • Hourly rate for general consultation